Fighting Nazis and robotic dogs

Machine Games is returning to Wolfenstein nearly a year after releasing “Wolfenstein: The New Order.” A new stand-alone downloadable game, “Wolfenstein: The Old Blood” (Bethesda, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), tells B.J. Blazkowicz’s story as he tries to infiltrate the Nazis’ notorious castle. This new adventure doesn’t scrimp on story. There’s a fair amount of setup early on, but Nazis do eventually get what’s coming to them. Unfortunately, Blazkowicz’s early victories don’t last long. While he gets to go out guns blazing in the intro, he quickly has to turn into a sneak. Don’t worry; you’ll see the price of failure. We also get to see some of the game’s bizarro enemies, including human/streetcar hybrids and those awful robotic dogs.

Jeff Cork, Game Informer