When Henry heads to Wyoming, he’s looking to escape a marriage. Opportunity comes in the form of a seasonal job as a firewatcher.

He (and the player) forms an intimate bond with his supervisor, Delilah, whom Henry (voiced by “Mad Men” alum and Twin Cities native Rich Sommer) interacts with only via walkie-talkie. That relationship is forged and tested over several eerie events, although “Firewatch” (Campo Santo, PS4) is at its best during the story’s quieter moments.

I was drawn in partly because of the novelty of taking part in something so mundane. This game is devoid of action in any traditional sense, like such games as “Gone Home.” These kinds of games often end up making the character a weirdo monologuist or voyeur, which is something “Firewatch” skillfully avoids with interactive dialogue.

Both characters are lonely in their own ways — and learning about them is the highlight.