Bloodshed with patience

"Bloodborne" (Sony, PS4, $59.99) doesn't waste any time getting to the hard stuff. Almost immediately, you get eaten by a werewolf. Sure, you are reincarnated and armed with a couple of flimsy weapons, but if you aren't prepared to die over and over, you won't get very far. "Bloodborne" is the latest torture device from evil genius Hidetaka Miyazaki and his From Software. A nasty illness has overcome most of the populace of Yharnam, and the few remaining humans seem to hold you responsible. Gamers who are used to cutting a swath through hapless enemies will lose quickly. You need to approach each encounter cautiously and learn to depend on your "dodge" button. From Software demands much of its players, including an obsessive level of patience. If you're the type of person who plays a game to relax and unwind, "Bloodborne" is not for you

Lou kesten, Associated Press