Bringing down ‘Sunset’

Pacing can make or break any narrative. With limited gameplay and little interaction, everything in “Sunset” (Tale of Tales, PC) hinges on the story and its next move. For such a fresh and intriguing concept, the unexciting gameplay and snail pace of this first-person exploration title bring down the entire experience. Everything about “Sunset’s” concept seems novel and engrossing. The year is 1972, and you play as a housekeeper paid to clean a swanky penthouse apartment. She’s never met the owner, but discovers things about him through tidying his place and conversing with him via notes. The game takes place in the fictional Anchuria, located in Latin America, which is becoming a brutal war zone following a military coup. The main narrative tackles a slew of complex issues: race, war, politics, socioeconomic status and gender.