victims and survivors react

"Today's verdict will never replace the lives that were lost and so dramatically changed, but it is a relief, and one step closer to closure." Survivor Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in the bombing.

"Guilty like we all knew he would be. Great jurors." Sydney Corcoran, who nearly bled to death after bomb shrapnel severed her femoral artery.

"Nothing can ever replace the lives that were lost or changed forever, but at least there is some relief in knowing that justice is served and responsibility will be taken." The Heather Abbott Foundation, set up by survivor who lost a leg.

"It's not something that will ever be over. You'll feel it forever. It's forever a part of our life. … I don't know what justice is. I'm grateful to have him off the street." Karen Brassard, whose ankles and shin were injured by pieces of the bomb.

"I hope today's verdict provides a small amount of closure for the survivors, families, and all impacted by the violent and tragic events surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon. The incidents of those days have forever left a mark on our city. As we remember those who lost so much, we reflect on how tragedy revealed our deepest values, and the best of who we are as a community." Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who took office the year after the bombings.

"I applaud the verdict rendered today by the jury in the marathon bombing case, and I hope this brings some degree of closure to those individuals and their families whose lives were changed forever on that horrific day." Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

"In today's verdict, we hope to turn another page in the recovery and healing of our community. We are hopeful that in justice, those that have been injured may find some sense of peace." Massachusetts State Police Col. Timothy Alben

"Sean Collier gave his life doing what he was born to do — serving and protecting all of us as a police officer. … The strength and bond that everyone has shown during these last two years proves that if these terrorists thought that they would somehow strike fear in the hearts of people, they monumentally failed." Family of slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier

"Terrorists must never again have the opportunity to inflict this kind of gutless carnage and brutality in America. The trial is over, justice has been served but the victims will always be remembered and in our prayers." Ray Flynn, former Boston mayor and U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

"The Richard Family would like to thank law enforcement and the Department of Justice for their efforts in this matter. The Richard Family has no comment on the verdict. We ask that you respect the family's privacy — especially their young children — during this time." Family of slain 8-year-old Martin Richard