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A look back at the Vikings' 14-10 loss to the Dolphins while wondering if this 0-2 team has anything in common with the '93 Cowboys, the '96 Patriots, the '01 Patriots and the '08 Giants ...


Right now, I'd say the Vikings have nothing in common with those four teams. They're the only teams to make the Super Bowl after starting 0-2. The '93 Cowboys, '01 Pats and '08 Giants actually won the Super Bowl, too. So there's at least a glimmer of hope for you Purple fans.

But first the Vikings need a tall, aggressive receiver who will fight for Brett Favre's passes. The one they had, Sidney Rice, let his teammates down by waiting eight months to have hip surgery. He won't be back until midseason at the earliest.

Favre needs big receivers to fight for footballs. There were so many examples of that in Sunday's game that Jackson could use the game film as his opening argument as to why he deserves to get paid big-time.

The long ball down the sideline to Percy Harvin might have been caught by a taller receiver. Harvin is aggressive and fights for the ball, but his target is small, especially deep downfield.

Bernard Berrian is fast, but right now that appears to be all he is. On the two picks thrown his way, he could have fought for the ball. The deep pass to him was underthrown, but that's a ball Rice comes back and goes after. Berrian not only didn't come back to the ball, he let the defender take off the other way while he argued with the referee.

Berrian has been a huge disappointment so far.

The Vikings should trade for Jackson this week. If it costs a second-round pick, it's worth it. I wouldn't tie him up with a long-term deal because basically the Vikings are renting his services for the 12 games he'd be able to play. Let's just hope he's stayed in good shape and is a fast learner.


The Vikings' defense has to be getting a little frustrated. Actually, a lot frustrated. They've given up 28 points. Of the teams that have played two games, that's fewer points allowed than two teams that are 2-0 (Bears, 34; Texans, 51).

Looking at the 2-0 teams, raise your hand if you thought the Chiefs, Texans, Dolphins, Bears and Bucs would be a combined 10-0 through Week 2. And raise your other hand if you thought the Vikings and Cowboys would be a combined 0-4.


I know Adrian Peterson didn't get into the end zone on that fourth-and-goal late in the game. But I'm very impressed with how he's run the ball and held onto it the first two games. If this team signs Jackson and gets the passing game in sync, Peterson has a couple 200-yard games in him the way he's playing. He's also become a threat in the passing game.


When the Vikings traded their first round draft pick to the Lions, you knew or should have known that the player the Lions took would be watched closely by those of us in Minnesota. When the Vikings went on to pick a running back in the second round, well you knew or should have known that we would be comparing the Lions' RB to the Vikings' RB.

So far, there's no comparison. Jahvid Best is a lot better than Toby Gerhart. And Best sure looks to be what the Vikings need when it comes to a third-down back.

Gerhart made his debut Sunday. He had four carries for 10 yards and one catch for five yards. Best ran 17 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns and caught nine passes for 154 yards and a touchdown. He now has five touchdowns in two games. Or as we'll continue to note, five more touchdowns than Gerhart.

The Vikings have drafted well under Rick Spielman, but Best sure appears to be one that got away.