When asked why they didn’t exercise more, 40% of Americans, according to a recent GfK report, responded by labeling their neighborhood as “unwalkable.” Scarcity of nearby walkable destinations was the second most often cited reason for not walking. Ironically, Gallup Polls concluded that almost the same percentage of American youth have no familiarity with the new health care law. Although 73% of U.S. citizens know that they should be walking more for their health, not as many know how Obamacare could affect them in the future.

A disorganized inauguration of the website leaves 2014 as a time for reformation. Democrats are left hoping that after a year of progress millions more Americans would be insured with privatized plans and expanded Medicaid. However, almost 5 million people have had their preexisting policies cancelled due to plan requirements. Part of this hope will be in the Millennials as their enrollment will subsidize the expenses of the older recipients. So far, just shy of a quarter of Obamacare sign-ups have been in the demographic of 18-35 years old.

The other primary target group for the health care law is low-income individuals. Not unexpectedly, Generation Y’s uninsured 25 year olds have an average income of $17,800. Though many have questioned how stable younger memberships will be, analysts concur that rates of Millennial acceptance will continue strongly despite the amount of the population that is uniformed.

Some in the health and exercise survey commented that “walkability” of a neighborhood was an influential factor in property sales saying that it implied a “high density” area. “Not familiar” with the health care plan might now imply that these “young invincible” haven’t taken their stroll around the block with this critical legislation.

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