Maybe it's mid-winter malaise. Or just laziness. But as the snow mounts outside, the amount of interest I have in completing household tasks wanes proportionately. Exhibit A: The silverware drawer is so full of crumbs it looks like the bird feeder. The dust kitties on the stairwell have morphed into tiger-sized balls. And my upstairs office? Well on its way to becoming the poster room for a garbage house. The only task I seem to accomplish with any regularity these days is paper shredding. I delight in the sleek way credit card come-ons and debit card receipts are transformed into fluffy, cross-cut packing material. We have a rule in our house: No Eating on the Mail. This is a laudable goal, since the contents of the mailbox are dumped daily on the dining room table. So I shred weekly, The Mister thinks I need a 12-step program (I've burned out two shredders in the last year or so, and am currently enjoying the whir of an upgraded model) but I call it cheap therapy. Also a hedge against identity theft. Keeping the table cleared contributes to my sense of accomplishment, and I'm sure I'll take on the office at some point. Am I the only one avoiding household projects this winter?.