A human rights professor was paid nearly $200,000 when he resigned from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs last year after a five-month suspension for sexual misconduct.

James Ron was disciplined in 2019 after an investigative report conducted by the University's Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action found he was in violation of the school's policies prohibiting sexual harassment. Specifically, Ron was found to have engaged in unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature and in creating a hostile environment, according to his disciplinary letter, obtained Friday by the Star Tribune.

Ron received $86,198.40 in severance, $28,107.36 in insurance premiums and $80,685 to cover attorney fees. In addition to his suspension, he was prohibited from advising students or supervising student research or teaching assistants for two years.

Following media coverage, more allegations of misconduct were received, but after subsequent investigations, Ron was found "not responsible" in those instances for violating policy, according to settlement documents.

Ron returned to work following his suspension in the fall semester of 2019, prompting a student group for Humphrey School of Public Affairs students to issue a statement saying that they were disturbed by his return and that some students hadn't been informed of it until after classes began.

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