Say you’re a Scandinavian film studio with a comedy about an acerbic retiree trying to commit suicide, but getting constantly interrupted by his intrusive neighbors. Where on Earth should you release that?

Surprise (not), Minnesota! Sweden’s “A Man Called Ove,” a substantial hit in its home country, has been setting records throughout its Twin Cities run as well.

Local ticket sales for the grumpy old man movie, now in its seventh week and currently screening at the Landmark Theatres Edina Cinema, have topped any other market in the country.

“It’s doing well in several markets but the Twin Cities has the best cumulative gross so far,” said Hugh Wronski, the theater chain’s senior regional publicist. In the last weekend of October alone, it raked in over 10 thousand dollars, which is, in the world of subtitled modestly budgeted foreign films, a freaking fortune.