Minnesota's Tea Party leaders have called Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden a phony, a fraud ,suggested he is frightening and should go away.

Now McFadden, who is vying to oust Democratic U.S. Sen. Al Franken, is planning to appear before them for a chat.

"Mike McFadden is coming to the stage of the North Metro Tea Party. This has been a long time coming but on Thursday, May 8th he has made the commitment to me to be the keynote speaker and (answer) any questions you may have for him," North Metro Tea Party leader Jack Rogers posted on Facebook.

Rogers said that if McFadden answers the questions simply and honestly it will have a strong impact on the gathered attendees.

Tom Erickson, McFadden spokesman, says McFadden is looking forward to the event.

"No one is working harder than Mike to earn the GOP nomination and Mike looks forward to sharing his vision of a limited but effective government with this groups’s members and explaining why he’s the best candidate to beat Al Franken in November," Erickson said.

McFadden is vying against a handful of other Republicans for the chance to take on Franken in the fall.

Republican Senate candidate Julianne Ortman has had a warmer reception from Minnesota and national Tea Party activists.

On Thursday, she tweeted: