North Dakota forward Mario Lamoureux and St. Cloud State defenseman Chris Hepp have been suspended for one game for  their actions last Saturday in a game at the National Hockey Center. The Sioux won the game 8-1.

Lamoureux’s suspension is for violating the WCHA Code of Conduct/Sportsmanship Rules.

Hepp’s suspension is based on a violation of NCAA playing rules.

Lamoureux tried to start a fight with St. Cloud State's Aaron Marvin. Remember it was Marvin's check-from-behind in the first series of the season in mid-November between these two teams that injured North Dakota captain Chay Genoway. Genoway suffered a concussion and has not played since. So there was bad blood, as they say.


Hepp left the Huskies' bench during an on-ice scuffle between the two teams in the third period.

There were 35 penalties called for 135 minutes. Lamoureux received a double-roughing minor for unsportsmanlike conduct and a 10-minute misconduct in the first period AND in the third. Hepp received a five-minute major for grabbing the facemask and a 10-minute miscondust in the third period.