Two teens were arrested Tuesday evening as suspects in a violent crime spree over several hours across Minneapolis, including an armed carjacking and two armed robberies.

The teens, believed to be 16 or 17, were not named following protocols for juvenile defendants. One was captured by a police dog while the other was found hiding in a north Minneapolis house, according to police spokesman John Elder.

Elder said the two are suspected of stealing a BMW at gunpoint in southwest Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon. Elder said he didn’t yet have an immediate time or exact location for the incident. A short time later, an armed robbery was reported in the Second Precinct near the University of Minnesota, with a description that matched the carjacking suspects and the vehicle they had stolen.

That was followed by a second armed robbery, this time in the 1200 block of Lowry Avenue North. During the robbery, shots were fired in the direction of a man and his 11-year-old child. The suspects fled but were spotted by Minneapolis police around 4:30 p.m. near Aldrich and 26th Avenues North. They fled police and tried to drive north up an alley between Girard and Fremont Avenues North, but flipped the car, said Elder. A police dog captured the driver at the scene of the crash, but the passenger fled on foot.

The passenger was found hunkered down in a yard about two blocks away, but he broke into a house as police officers closed in. The owners were not at home, and gave police permission and their house keys to assist with the arrest. The juvenile cooperated and gave up information on the driver, but when he was taken outside of the house and saw that a crowd had formed, he became hysterical and started shouting, said Elder.

The first suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment of a minor arm wound from the police dog, said Elder. The second suspect was taken to the juvenile detention center.