Holders of two lottery tickets are this year’s newest millionaires — minus taxes, of course.

The tickets, each worth the top prize of $1 million, were sold in the Minnesota Lottery’s annual Millionaire Raffle game, which has the winning numbers drawn each New Year’s Day.

Lottery officials said Sunday that the $1 million tickets were sold in Coon Rapids at the Kwik Trip, 9250 Springbrook Drive NW., and in Pine City at the Rock Creek Pit Stop, 5987 Hwy. 70.

Five additional tickets purchased are each good for $100,000.

Each ticket costs $10. Numbers are then drawn to determine who wins cash or other prizes, such as new vehicles, vacation packages, free groceries and other payouts.

To win, the full six-digit number on the ticket must match one of the six-digit winning numbers drawn.

For a complete list of Sunday’s 4,164 winning raffle numbers, visit mnlottery.com/games/raffle_2017.

The Millionaire Raffle debuted in 2006.