Twitter banned MyPillow's company account on Monday after founder Mike Lindell commandeered it to post several missives targeting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a week after Lindell himself was permanently banned from the platform.

An archived version of the Chaska-based company's Twitter page shows several posts attacking Dorsey that appear to be written by Lindell, in a stark departure from previous tweets promoting beach towels and bath mats.

In one post Monday afternoon, MyPillow's account tweeted: "Jack Dorsey is trying to cancel me [Mike Lindell] out! We are extremely busy and hiring as fast as we can to handle all the shipping! Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed!"

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that MyPillow's account "was permanently suspended for violating our ban evasion policy." That policy is designed to keep people whose own accounts have been suspended for "severe violations" of Twitter rules from posting on the site via other accounts.

The social media company imposed its latest ban exactly one week after permanently suspending Lindell's account following months of pushing debunked claims that widespread election fraud and hacking stole the 2020 presidential election from former President Donald Trump.

The company holds that it "reserves the right to also permanently suspend any other account we believe the same account holder or entity may be operating in violation of our earlier suspension, regardless of when the other account was created."

In its final post before being shut down, MyPillow tweeted at Dorsey: "I know you are tied into the election fraud! You are so afraid of being found out! So many are looking forward to you being brought to justice!"

In an interview Tuesday, Lindell told the Star Tribune that the ban was "part of the continued attacks because I want to get the fraud out there. All is going to be revealed that these machines attacked and stole the election."

Lindell is one of the most prominent and last remaining voices to still claim, without credible evidence, that Dominion Voting Systems machines were hacked by foreign actors who changed votes for Trump in favor of now-President Joe Biden in multiple battleground states.

The company has sued Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and attorney Sidney Powell after they also propagated similar claims.

Dominion's attorneys have sent at least two letters warning Lindell of similar litigation if he did not publicly apologize and retract his claims, some of them made on Twitter, that the company stole "millions of votes" through its voting machines.

Lindell has yet to produce his own independently sourced evidence and has instead relied on debunked claims from others — including a spreadsheet purporting to show "digital footprints" of foreign hackers in Dominion machines that has since been ruled a forgery — to make his case that "all the evidence is coming out."

Twice in the last week, Lindell told a Star Tribune reporter that he would share examples of his own evidence collected after an investigation that he has repeatedly said cost him more than $2 million of his own money.

But on Tuesday, Lindell said he had changed his mind. Instead, he said, "I've decided I'm going to put it all out there."

"Put in there that Mike Lindell says within a week, everyone will see everything I've seen," said Lindell, who declined to describe how or when he planned to share his evidence.

Lindell contacted the Star Tribune in response to a request for comment sent to the company on Tuesday. Lindell remained defiant in response to questions about how the social media ban — and recent decisions by large retailers not to carry MyPillow products — has affected his company.

He pointed to a recent full-page Star Tribune advertisement seeking to hire more workers and claimed that MyPillow is still "very busy."

Lindell has given numerous interviews to both mainstream and fringe media outlets in recent weeks. On Tuesday morning, he said he had to prepare for a television interview but refused to say for which outlet.

"I'm not saying where I'm at because I'm in danger everywhere I go," Lindell said.

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