The Twins announced they will always sell single seats to fans who want them, after an Apple Valley woman was turned away from the Target Field ticket counter because only pairs of seats were for sale.

What happened to LuAnne Nordstrom was a rare situation that might pop up two or three times a season, Twins spokesman Kevin Smith said Wednesday. Still, the Twins decided to quell a minor uproar after Whistleblower reported Nordstrom’s complaint Tuesday.

“In order to make sure there’s clarity across the board, if anybody comes up to buy a single ticket, if we have one, we’ll give them one,” Smith said.

The experience on April 17 hasn’t turned Nordstrom off live baseball. She was at Target Field Wednesday to see the Twins beat the Tigers. Nordstrom reports Thursday that she got a call from Twins President Dave St. Peter apologizing for what happened.

An earlier version of this update was published Wednesday.