Here are three thoughts following the Twins win over the Tigers:

SWERVIN' ERVIN: Detroit hit some balls hard during the first two innings on Wednesday, but Ervin Santana stuck with his game plan and it won out. ``I just take my plan and just stay aggressive, keep the ball down and that is what I did for the most part of the whole game,'' he said. Santana has a 2.03 ERA over his last six starts. You have to think that some contender could use that in its rotation. The Twins better be willing to eat some of the salary to make a good trade happen. Scouts from several teams were in attendance on Wednesday to watch Santana and other possible trade targets.

CAN SUZUKI BE TRADED?: Kurt Suzuki was 1-for-4 on Wednesday and is batting .288. He would be a fine addition to a contender but his trade value is hard to determine. A scout reminded me that trade value is based on need. So what contenders need a catcher? There's one for sure in Cleveland, now that Yan Gomes chicken sacrifice led to him losing a game on Saturday then dislocating his shoulder on Sunday. But word is that Cleveland is looking at Milwaukee's Jonathan Lucroy, and I don't blame them because he's one of the better catchers in the game. Maybe the Twins could be a fallback option for the Indians if they can't land Lucroy.

IDIOT FAN: Santana was pitching to Victor Martinez in the seventh inning on Wednesday when a fan caused a delay of a couple minutes when he ran onto the field and evaded security. He finally stopped behind second base, where he was tackled and taken off the field. Upon closer look, the fan has his name painted on his stomach and a reference to his YouTube account on his chest. He also has a twitter account on which he and his friends boasted about the event a couple hours after the game. Thanks for alerting all the authorities about who you are, buddy. Twins manager Paul Molitor was a little concerned. ``It was a rather long delay,'' Molitor said. ``You can find humor in it, I guess, but I think with everything that goes on these days, my first reaction is to get the heck out of the way. You don't want to take any chances, I think that was confirmed by the tackle.'' My thought: Stay the heck off the field and let the professionals work.

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