Pitcher Brian Duensing went unrecognized at a hair salon the day after the Twins clinched the AL Central title.

Jason Inskeep, principal at the marketing company Adsoka Inc., said his wife, Tricia, and son Pierce, 16, had accompanied twin sister Catalina Jade, aka C.J., to her Wednesday hair-trimming appointment at the Great Clips in St. Louis Park.

Duensing was getting clipped in a nearby chair, well before 5 p.m.

Are you off work early today? Duensing's stylist was overheard inquiring. Duensing replied with something unspecific like, I'm traveling to Detroit for business. The stylist apparently kept rephrasing the question until Duensing finally fessed up, said I work for the Twins, the pitcher reported back via the Twins' executive director of public affairs, Kevin Smith.

Duensing's slightly embarrassed stylist and others at the salon where appointments aren't necessary sent him on his way with cheers of Go Twins!

Smiling Carlson rips Globe

Kelly Carlson tore up Globe magazine.

In some vernaculars that might mean the "Nip/Tuck" star was feverishly devouring pages of the tabloid. But in this instance she was literally ripping up a copy of the mag that recently published a fictional story about her having a romantic dinner at West Hollywood's Madeo with John Stamos. They were at the restaurant at the same time -- at different tables.

"What's so interesting is that they describe what we [she and Stamos] were eating," said Carlson. "I don't know how they can write this because I was at dinner with my boyfriend's daughters; would have been a little awkward if I was running my fingers through John Stamos' hair [one of the untrue details reported by Globe]. It was funny because they [her boyfriend's young daughters] noticed him. They go, Isn't that the guy from 'Full House'? He's so cute. I was like, 'No he's not. Your dad's cute!'"

Carlson was laughing while recalling the dinner as I shot startribune.com/video of her. That's a much different reaction than when I called her a couple of weeks ago to find out if she was with Stamos or her boyfriend, Tie Domi, retired Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer.

The original plan was for Carlson to burn the issue on camera when she returned to Minnesota to visit her mom and attend a wedding. But I thought the managers of the Bloomington Kincaid's would frown upon an unexpected flame being waved near something that wasn't fish, chops or steak.

When the bar dining area became unexpectedly full -- who knew Kincaid's was such a hopping spot on a Tuesday afternoon? -- Carlson asked if we could go somewhere else so as not to call too much attention to our video antics.

Kelly's real boyfriend

"The Enforcer" called while Kelly Carlson was chatting with me.

"Brett Favre is my all-time favorite athlete," Tie Domi told me. "Are you being nice to him?"

Being nicer to the QB than he's been to Vikings fans. If the look on Favre's face, when it was apparent we were going 0-2 thanks to the Dolphins had been a T-shirt, it would have read: "I'd Rather Be In Mississippi On My Tractor."

My bold prediction: Without more winning soonish, Favre's going to find a reason, maybe about game eight, to tell Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, How about I return $10 million and call it a career?

Favre's been showing us a lot less fight than Domi does in this golden oldie with another NHL enforcer, the late Bob Probert: tinyurl.com/27o8ubs.

Kendra's coming!!

Ahhh, my sports colleagues totally missed the juice while reporting the Vikings' signing of wide receiver Hank Baskett: KENDRA MAY BE COMING TO TOWN!

Baskett's wife is E! reality TV's Kendra Wilkinson. She's sure to be the darling of charity galas thrown by clever organizers.

While I'm never going to be a fan of silly strippers, cheerleaders or Playmates, Kendra has evolved. On NBC's "Today," promoting her memoir "Sliding Into Home," she admitted feeling on the wrong path with the drugs and stripping and out of place as she rose to stardom while living at Hef's mansion on E!'s relentlessly insipid "The Girls Next Door."

And when Baskett turned all sad puppy dog because one of Kendra's old boyfriends was releasing a sex tape, she essentially told Hank: Get a grip. You married someone who was stripper!

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