– Twins closer Glen Perkins is pretty sure he’s going to pitch at some point Tuesday in the All-Star Game. What’s not known if he’s going get the ball in the ninth inning in a save situation.

All the indications suggest that he should. He is 28-for-28 in save situations this season, a Twins record for consecutive conversions. Only Pittsburgh’s Mark Melancon, with 29, has more saves this season. Perkins also is in his third All-Star Game and closed out last year’s game at Target Field.

If he is the man for the ninth, Perkins could become to pitcher to save consecutive All-Star Games for the first time since 2005-06 when some guy named Mariano Rivera did it.

“A special opportunity,” Perkins said, “Hopefully it works out that way. Hopefully we can get a lead, not too big of a lead, and I’ll be able to get back out there. I know I’ll get to pitch one way or another.”

If it does happen, it won’t beat out being able to close the game out in his hometown.

“That will be tough to beat,” he said. “Until we get to the playoffs or the World Series, I don’t think any singular moment is going to top that.”

First-timer comfortable

The charter flight from the Twin Cities to Cincinnati on Sunday included Perkins; his wife, Alisha; their two daughters; and a babysitter. It also included Brian Dozier and his wife, Renee.

They landed Sunday night, then ate dinner and have since had a chance to meet their teammates and relax before Monday’s media day. Perkins said he did not have to give Dozier any advice on how to handle the demands of All-Star Game.

“He’s a Southern gentleman,” Perkins said. “He doesn’t need anything.”

Dozier did talk to former All-Stars Torii Hunter and Joe Mauer about taking advantage of the week.

“They were giving me some advice on a lot of different things,” Dozier said. “One was try to get as many people as possible to try to sign stuff because you never know if you’re going to have another chance to do it.”

Met with Moose

Dozier was asked by reporters on Monday about what had been the coolest conversation he’s had to that point.

Dozier brought up his chat with Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas, who beat him out in online voting for the final spot on the team.

“We talked about everything that went down,” Dozier said. “How crazy and surreal it was and the fan support. It’s been pretty good.”

Dozier, of course, ended up on the team Saturday when Toronto’s Jose Bautista pulled out because of an injury.

“That guy deserves to be here,” Moustakas said of Dozier. “That guy is an unbelievable player and is having an unbelievable year. For him to get here, it’s awesome. To see how the fans voted, it’s awesome. Seeing the support we both had from our teams and in our cities was really overwhelming.”

Moustakas received a AL-record 19.3 million votes to win. Dozier finished second, though his vote total was never announced.

Carneal valuables

Some of Hall of Fame broadcaster Herb Carneal’s memorabilia will be auctioned off Tuesday during the All-Star Fan Fest at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.

Items presented at the live auction will include Carneal’s 1987 World Series championship ring and his 1965 Twins American League championship ring.

Carneal’s collection will be part of more than 450 items that will be auctioned off.

Carneal, who passed away in 2007, received the Ford C. Frick Award from the Hall of Fame in 1996.

Stepping up

Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association announced a joint venture to donate $30 million to develop youth baseball and softball in the country.