The Twins are adding new price levels and new section designations throughout Target Field Wednesday. Not all of the details have been released, but here are the main changes:

Twins employees started calling season-ticket holders this week explaining the changes.

*Tickets in most lower-deck seating areas will be divided into three price levels depending on how close they are to the field. Tickets in the home plate box seats between first and third bases will average $58, $54 or $49 per game depending on the row. All tickets in those sections averaged $54 per game this season

*A new "Diamond View" price tier will be added in the upper deck, combining seats that were included in Home Plate, Skyline View and Field View areas. The new area includes Sections 306 to 309 and 320 to 324. Some of the seats in those sections are dropping from $21 to $16 per game while others are going up from $12 or $13 to $16. Upper deck seats closer to the foul poles will be $13 per game.

*A similar change is being made in the lower deck, with "Infield Box" seats being created from sections that are currently Home Plate and Diamond Box seats.

*More seating areas will be available for "Flex Plan" seating, in which fans can buy a 20-game ticket package and redeem them for games of their choice throughout the season.

Here's a look at the 2017 vs. 2018 seating charts from Twitter user Matthew Lewinski. (More information is in the link below.)

The Twins will continue with tiered prices for single-game sales, dividing games into five categories from elite to extra value. For example, a Dugout Box ticket for the Twins game on Tuesday against the White Sox (a "select" game) is $85. The same ticket to see them play San Diego on Sept. 12 (an "extra value" game) is $52.

Also, full-season ticket plans for 2018 are based on 79 games instead of the usual 81 because the Twins will be the home team in a two-game series against Cleveland being played in Puerto Rico in April.

A complete price list from the Twins' web site is here.

The 2017 ticket prices are here.

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