Twins fans won’t have to empty their pockets entering Target Field any more, a change the team hopes will move lines more quickly after Memorial Day weekend logjams.

That was one of two policy updates announced by the Twins on Thursday morning.

Beginning with the next homestand Tuesday, personal items like cellphones, keys, and wallets can remain in pockets. Target Field magnetometers have been updated to recognize such common items.

Beginning on July 5, only single-compartment bags (maximum 16x16x8 inches) will be allowed in the ballpark.

“These changes, which are rooted in driving efficiencies within our security process, are designed to help improve ingress into Target Field, with the end result of getting our fans into the ballpark quickly and safely,” said Twins President Dave St. Peter in a news release.

The bag restrictions will reduce time needed for security to check each bag, the release said. Backpacks and multicompartment laptop bags won’t be permitted.

The Twins sold discount tickets in May to help attendance, but rolled into their last homestand with baseball’s best record and had sellout crowds against the White Sox on May 25 and May 26. A large walkup sale led to led to long lines, with thousands of fans trying to enter the park through the stadium’s largest entrance, Gate 34.

Here's what the line looked like on Opening Day.