Bench coach Derek Shelton wasn’t hired as their new manager, but the Mets aren’t done considering a raid on the Twins’ coaching staff.

Jeremy Hefner, promoted last winter from advance scout to assistant pitching coach, will interview with the Mets for the job of pitching coach under new manager Carlos Beltran, a source with knowledge of the meeting confirmed.

Hefner, 33, is a former Mets pitcher, having appeared in all 50 games of his major league career in a New York uniform in 2012-13. He was hired by the Twins in 2017 to help compile scouting reports and statistical information for Twins pitchers, and when Rocco Baldelli became manager this year, Hefner joined the coaching staff, with an emphasis on relief pitching.

Beltran, a longtime Mets outfielder, was hired last week as manager. Shelton was a finalist for the job and interviewed multiple times.