Twin City Model Railroad Museum volunteers can let off some steam now that the St. Paul museum has found a new home.

Volunteers began searching for a new home last fall when the museum could no longer afford to stay in Bandana Square. Now it’s on course to move its miniature train displays to 652 Transfer Road near the former Amtrak Depot in St. Paul. It will remain at Bandana Square until Feb. 28.

“We’re really excited to continue our legacy in St. Paul,” museum spokesman Brandon Jutz said Friday.

Once word spread that the museum could close, financial support poured in, he said. Volunteers raised more than $70,000 to help with the move. “I’m overwhelmed by the response of the public,” said museum treasurer Oscar Lund.

The new hub, which could be the museum’s home for the next 10 years, is a better fit than the medical plaza that Bandana Square had turned into, Jutz said.

The new location, next to Buttercream Cakes & Desserts and Chocolat Céleste, near the intersection of Cleveland and University avenues, offers more space for interactive programs and birthday parties.

At Bandana Square, the museum was split between two buildings with two landlords. Facing eviction, volunteers considered closing the museum. An extension was worked out through the holidays.

The problem now will be moving, volunteer Peter Southard said. “Moving that big layout will be quite a challenge,” he said.

It will be the second time the museum has moved since its founding in 1934. It moved from the Union Depot to Bandana Square in 1984. Bandana Square became a largely medical plaza in 2003.

A grand opening event will be held in the spring.