Twin Cities Public Television is teaming up with the Smithsonian Channel for a documentary on the history of the oceans' mightiest creatures.

The two-hour film "When Whales Walked: A Deep Time Journey," will spotlight scientists from around the world as they trace the animals' evolutionary history through the use of fossils and CGI magic.

“It shows how researchers are using not just paleontology, but genetics, climate science and ecology to fill in the gaps in the story of life," said TPT's vice president of national production Michael Rosenfeld, who originated the project.."And it’s not just a story of the past— these discoveries carry important lessons for today and even the future.”

TPT most recently co-produced "The Dictator's Playbook," which, like 'Whales" is also aimed at a national audience.

"Whales" will premiere sometime this summer in conjunction with special exhibits at selected museums across the country; those institutions have not yet been announced.