"Hero Elementary," the most ambitious project in Twin Cities Public Television's history, is one step closer to flying into action.

PBS executives announced Tuesday that the animated children's series will join the PBS Kids national line-up in summer 2020, several years after it was expected to launch.

TPT received a $36.7 million grant in 2015 from the Department of Education to start developing the show, which features children using their superpowers to tackle science problems.

"We have carved out a unique hero universe for young kids that uses all the excitement of the superhero genre to empower them to solve problems by actively doing science," said Carol-Lynn Parente, a former executive producer for "Sesame Street" who is running the new program. "Our kid heroes are a diverse team, still learning how to save the day, and the excitement for the audience is finding out the superpowers of science are powers anyone can use to solve a problem and be a hero."

While almost all of the writing, voiceover work and animation is taking place outside of the Twin CIties, Minnesota students have been offering feedback on possible storylines.