Five metro area law enforcement officers are flying out Friday to attend the funeral for Wenjian Liu, one of two New York police officers fatally shot in their patrol car on Dec. 20.

Sun Country Airlines donated the tickets to the officers, said St. Paul police gang investigator Jimmy Yang. “That was really nice and generous,” he said. The five officers are with the local chapter of the National Asian Peace Officers’ Association.

Yang won’t be traveling to New York, but he said he is proud of his fellow officers for making the trip.

It “shows that officers here are willing to extend their services and support all the way out there,” Yang said.

Liu’s funeral will take place on Sunday in Brooklyn. The funeral for his partner, Rafael Ramos, drew thousands of officers to Queens a week after the fatal shooting.

Liu’s service comes two weeks after his death, allowing his relatives in China to fly to the United States. The funeral is expected to include some Chinese customs, such as prayers by Buddhist monks, according to the New York Times.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the man police say shot Liu and Ramos, took his own life after the killings.

Tom Horgen