SEPT. 22

Theft. Bourbon was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway at a home in the 800 block of NW. 140th Lane.



Drunken driving. A 74-year-old Excelsior woman was arrested for drunken driving following a traffic stop at Christmas Lake Road and Hwy. 7.



Theft. Two golf carts were stolen from Majestic Oaks Golf Club, 701 NE. Bunker Lake Blvd. Another golf cart was stolen four days later.

Burglary. Guns and a video game console were stolen from a home in the 2700 block of NE. Constance Boulevard.


AUG. 27

Dispute. A resident in the 1000 block of Quixote Avenue reported a vehicle driving by his property and believed a woman was casing his place. He took a photo of her and she confronted him, upset about being photographed and accused of criminal activity. A deputy advised both parties on a way to handle the situation without a confrontation.


SEPT. 19

Suspicious activity. An officer responded to a report of suspicious activity on Creek Lane. A woman reported seeing a man who was picking up rocks, licking them and putting them in his pocket. He was there for two hours and had left 20 minutes before the officer arrived.



Theft. A pallet of copper tubing and a box of valves, valued at $11,300, were stolen from a construction site at Hamburg Avenue and W. 200th Street.

Drunken driving. Officers responded to a report of a hit-and-run in the 16000 block of Jalisco Way. An intoxicated 24-year-old driver claimed she was the victim of a hit and run. The bumper from her vehicle and the license plate were found near a parked car that she had hit. She was arrested for drunken driving.


AUG. 23

Vehicle entry. The owner of a vehicle parked in the 1500 block of Eustis Street told police it had been broken into and that he had found keys in the ignition that weren’t his, along with sunglasses and a package of tissues on the passenger seat. He reported that nothing was missing and there was no damage to the vehicle.


AUG. 28

Animal complaint. An officer responded to a report of two pigeons nesting on the deck at a home in the 11900 block of Central Park Way. It was determined the birds were wild and released back to nature.


AUG. 24

Theft. A vehicle, with a spare key tucked under the seat, was reported stolen in the 200 block of Summer Avenue. The complainant was certain he’d locked his vehicle, but there was no sign of forced entry. The vehicle was recovered, without license plates, in St. Paul.


SEPT. 10

Animal complaint. A loose horse and pony were found in the road along County Road 26. They were kept at a nearby farm until the owner could be located.


AUG. 26

Theft. Golf clubs valued at $7,000 were stolen from a vehicle in the 500 block of Riviera Drive.


AUG. 12

Animal complaint. An officer responded to assist with removing a bat inside a home in the 6000 block of NW. 169th Lane. The officer couldn’t find the bat.


SEPT. 13

Weapon. A 31-year-old Florida man was arrested for reckless discharge of a firearm and drive-by shooting in the 200 block of Pottok Lane.

SEPT. 19

Disturbance. Officers responded to a report of a disturbance at Canterbury Card Club, 1100 Canterbury Rd. A 53-year-old Eden Prairie woman was arrested for disorderly conduct.



Driving violation. A 61-year-old Waconia woman was cited for texting while driving and leaving the scene of a crash at Hwy. 25 and 74th Street.


Susan Hilliard • 612-673-7131 and John Wareham • 612-673-7759

An arrest or citation means police suspect a crime has occurred; they are allegations and still must go before a judge. Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.