'Twas the night before school starts and all through the house every creature was stirring, mom even saw a mouse.

Ok, no mouse.

But alas, it's the night before school starts and let's just say that while we'd all like to paint an idyllic picture of how the last week prepping our kids to move on to the next grade may have gone, it's been a little batty.


From the school shopping...Mom, I don't want new shoes, jeans, [insert anything child needs] Why are you interrupting my life so that I am clothed properly for school?

to the attitudes...Umm, fine. Whatever.

to the way too much freedoms...Mom: What time will you be home? Child: I'm not sure.

to the snacks...Oh don't worry. This one's no longer an issue, they've eaten them all.

to the sales...Tell me it isn't just my neighborhood? No, you may not have a lemonade/candy/rock sale today.


to bedtime...what's that?

and is that an iPod I hear right now? 

Can you relate?

I love me some summer and this summer was no exception. We swam and we played and they stayed up late and we went on trips and practically lived outside.  And the friends, oh the friends.

Just this morning I hopped upon my broom stick and flew down stairs and shoo-ed the children gathered in my basement outside to play. "But mom, we can't play inside at anyone else's house either."

Oh really, tell me more about why I should feel bad about this.

It was a great summer dear children but it is over now.

It's not about sending them away it's really just that we need some sense of order, a routine, a schedule. Something's got to give.

So there won't be a tear shed 'round this house tonight. My husband and I are celebrating. With takeout no less. It's back to school time, back to the routine and a sense of normalcy. We know come January we'll be counting the days til the next one but for now we're just celebrating that summer was great but it's over now.

Happy First Day of School, Parents! 

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