Let’s get lost

“La La Land” director Damien Chazelle’s first TV series is jam-packed with music. But “The Eddy” has about as much in common with his Oscar-winning movie as Fred Astaire has with Chet Baker. Andre Holland (“Moonlight”) is terrific as the owner of a Paris jazz club holding on by a thread, but the real stars of the show are the jam sessions that will leave you feeling très chic. Best to binge after midnight with a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes.

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Breaking convention

Jimmy O. Yang got lots of attention as an arch-villain in “Silicon Valley,” but he’s equally impressive in the stand-up special “Good Deal,” which largely consists of his take on Asian-American stereotypes. At one point, he jokes about how he’s often mistaken for Ken Jeong or Ali Wong. After this performance, that’s unlikely to happen much in the future.

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Better off dead

Logic has never been the strong suit of “Dead to Me.” Season 2 of the dark comedy relies on so many coincidences that you half expect the lead characters, who bond over a couple of murders, to win the lottery and immediately get struck by lightning. The real draw continues to be the pitch-perfect performances from Linda Cardellini, who keeps finding creative ways to dissolve into tears, and Christina Applegate, who makes you believe that cursing is a romance language.

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The Marshall diaries

“The Happy Days of Garry Marshall” is as fluffy as the icon’s body of work, from TV’s “The Odd Couple” to the movie “Mother’s Day.” Anne Hathaway, Ron Howard, Julia Roberts and Minnesota native Marion Ross are among the big names raising a glass of Pepsi milk to the late legend.

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Roads not taken

It may seem too early to revisit the misfits of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” but co-creator Tina Fey and company justify the reunion with an inventive interactive special that allows viewers to choose their own adventure. Even going down blind alleys is a hoot with special guest stars waiting in the wings to ridicule your choices and steer you back on the proper path.

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