Q: With Jim Parsons leaving the role of Sheldon Cooper when "The Big Bang Theory" has its series finale, does that also signal the end of "Young Sheldon," which he narrates?

A: "The Big Bang Theory" is ending, but "Young Sheldon" is not. CBS has ordered two more seasons of the comedy about the early years of Sheldon Cooper, played by Parsons on "Big Bang" and Iain Armitage on "Young Sheldon." CBS says the show is prime-time TV's second-most-watched comedy, behind only — you guessed it — "The Big Bang Theory."

'Curly Sue' could sing

Q: Whatever became of the girl who starred in the movie "Curly Sue"?

A: Alisan Porter played along with Jim Belushi and Kelly Lynch in the 1991 film written and directed by John Hughes. She continued to act but struggled with drugs and alcohol before getting sober in 2007. Since then, as you can see at alisanporter.com, she has focused more on music. And she stepped big-time into the TV spotlight in 2016 when she competed in, and won, the 10th season of NBC's "The Voice." (She was part of Christina Aguilera's team.)

He coulda been improvising

Q: The famous scene from my favorite movie, "On the Waterfront," is the one in a taxi with Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger and the line, "I coulda been a contender." I was told that the scene was ad-libbed. Is this true?

A: A piece about the Oscar-winning movie on the Turner Classic Movies site says that Brando and Steiger "partially improvised their dialogue." Budd Schulberg, who wrote the screenplay, told a different story. In an essay for Vanity Fair, Schulberg said Brando at first resisted doing the taxi scene because he did not like Steiger pointing a gun at him. The director, Elia Kazan, suggested Brando just reach out and put the gun down. That was all that was needed, Schulberg said. Overall, Brando "basically stayed with the script I had written. But here and there he added a word for punctuation that was so right it spoke volumes."

'Worse Moms'?

Q: I really enjoyed "Bad Moms" and "A Bad Moms Christmas" a lot. Is there a "Bad Moms 3" in the works because of what happened at the end of the second movie?

A: Even before the second film in the series premiered, producer Suzanne Todd told EW.com that "there is kind of a jumping off point at the end of the movie for maybe what you would do if you were going to do another movie." (No spoilers here.) While "Christmas" in 2017 was not as big a hit as "Bad Moms" had been the year before, it was still a nice moneymaker — especially considering its modest budget. So I'd expect a third film at some point.

Get the 'Hustle'

Q: I am watching a BBC show, "Hustle," that fascinates and enthralls me. Is it available on home video in the U.S.?

A: "Hustle" was originally made for eight seasons and a total of 48 episodes from 2004 to 2012. There are DVD sets of episodes, though it appears that some are only in the Region 2 format, which is not compatible with many U.S. DVD players. Amazon.com does list sets for the first four seasons that are in the U.S.-friendly Region 1 format. But you should still carefully check format information.

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