Q: Several years ago, when Kaley Cuoco of “The Big Bang Theory” got married, they added her married name to the cast listing. In recent episodes, I notice they have dropped it. What happened? Also, I don’t remember ever hearing Penny’s last name. Did they ever mention it on the show?

A: Cuoco and tennis player Ryan Sweeting split late in 2015 after 21 months of marriage, and, according to People magazine, the divorce was finalized in May of this year.

As for the name game, there’s an assumption that since marrying Leonard the character is now Penny Hofstadter, but CBS still lists her simply as Penny. Her last name before the marriage has not been mentioned on the show, and according to several reports over the years the show’s makers have decided not to reveal it — so far.

Grim news for ‘Grimm’

Q: Please, please tell me it’s not true that “Grimm” is canceled after next season! This is one of my favorite shows. Is there any chance it will be picked up by another network?

A: The upcoming sixth season of the supernatural drama, set to begin on Jan. 6, is indeed expected to be its last for NBC. And it will reportedly be just a 13-episode season. There have been online petitions calling for its renewal, and hopes that a network or Netflix might order new episodes. But at this writing, the show remains on the chopping block.


Limited run for ‘Limitless’

Q: I was wondering if you know whether they will be bringing “Limitless” back. I have not seen it on the fall lineup.

A: CBS certainly had hopes for the series, based on the movie of the same name, and Bradley Cooper — who had starred in the movie — made several appearances on the TV series. But that still did not generate enough audience for CBS to keep the show going, so it was ended after a single season. The Hollywood Reporter’s sources said CBS pitched it to Amazon and Netflix without success, and a showrunner said the series “will not continue on any platform.”

Get ready for ‘Ready Player One’

Q: I heard the book “Ready Player One” was going to be a movie, with Steven Spielberg attached. Is it still going to happen?

A: Yes, but the adaptation of Ernest Cline’s bestseller won’t be on-screen for a couple of years. At one point, “Ready Player One” was set for release in December 2017. Variety reported this year that the release had been pushed into March 2018 because the 2017 date was taken by “Star Wars: Episode VIII.” To underscore what goes into choosing dates, here’s how Variety explained the change: “The new date coincides with Easter, and there are no major movies scheduled to open in April 2018, save for an animated film from Laika, giving ‘Ready Player One’ a wide berth. It also comes between the conclusion of the Winter Olympics and the start of the World Cup, two events that can erode the moviegoing audience.”


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