Q: Is "Code Black" coming back?

A: CBS recently changed the date for the season premiere. It was previously set for May 2 in the "Criminal Minds" time slot, following that series' season finale on April 25. CBS has now moved the "Criminal Minds" season finale to April 18 (where it will be a two-hour telecast) and will resume "Code Black" on April 25.

Kearran Giovanni busy in pilots

Q: Can you please tell me the name of the actress who played Amy Sykes on "Major Crimes"? I really loved her and hope she will show up soon in something else.

A: That was Kearran Giovanni. On Twitter (where she's KearranGiovanni) she has mentioned being busy during "pilot season" (when actors work on pilot episodes of shows hoping to get a series pickup this spring). Recent TV work includes a couple of appearances on "Designated Survivor" and one on the current version of "Dynasty." You can also catch up on her last turn on "Major Crimes"; the sixth and final season was released on DVD on March 13.

Son still survives

Q: We've been traveling frequently this spring and I've missed some episodes of "Designated Survivor." The last one I've seen, since the death of the president's wife, has only shown the daughter, however reference was made to "the children" being needed by him. Where's the young son?

A: Leo Kirkman, played by Tanner Buchanan, could be seen in the Feb. 28 episode called "Grief," where President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) had to deal with his emotions over his wife's death. Viewers saw the president telling both of his children about their mother's death, their reactions (a tearful one from Leo) and their attending their mother's burial.

Another 'Jesse Stone' movie?

Q: Is Tom Selleck going to make another "Jesse Stone" movie?

A: I'm told Hallmark has penciled one in, but it could be some time until it airs; for one thing, there's no script yet. And let's not forget that Selleck has another job — starring on "Blue Bloods."

Randy Travis movie

Q: I heard that Randy Travis made a movie named "The Promise" shortly before his stroke and it was to be released a few summers ago on Netflix. I watched for it and never saw it on Netflix. Has it been released somewhere else? I'd love to watch the movie.

A: From what I can find, the film has been released as "The Price." Travis played a country-music legend in the drama; the cast also includes singer James Dupre and Travis' wife, Mary. It was made before Travis' devastating stroke in 2013 but was not scheduled for release until 2016. While published reports at that time had it going to DVD and to Netflix, I could not find it for sale on disc (not even via Travis' website) nor on that streaming service. That said, it is available in digital form on Amazon.com, iTunes and Vudu.

'Americans' begins final season

Q: I have been a faithful viewer of "The Americans." Will there be another season?

A: The drama begins its final season on March 28 on FX.

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