Q: Will the TV show "Bull" be on for a second season?

A: Yes. CBS has ordered another round of the drama starring Michael Weatherly, with some changes. Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of "Moonlighting" and "Medium," has reportedly signed on as executive producer and showrunner for the second season. Eliza Dushku, who began performing on the series in May, will be a regular in Season 2.

A state of mind, you betcha

Q: Why is the FX series named "Fargo" when the city is in North Dakota and the show takes place in Minnesota?

A: Well, it is loosely based on the Coen brothers movie of the same name that also mostly took place in Minnesota. The city of Fargo's website says "Fargo is the central city in the vibrant and growing Fargo-Moorhead (Minnesota) Metropolitan Area. The metro area is bisected by the Red River of the North, which is also the boundary between North Dakota and Minnesota." But there's also the explanation by Noah Hawley, the "Fargo" TV showrunner, in the Hollywood Reporter: "Fargo is a metaphor; it's like a state of mind. It's a word that describes a sort of frozen hinterland that makes you think of a certain type of story."

She's done it all

Q: One of my favorite shows is the original "Law & Order." I wonder what Leslie Hendrix, the medical examiner, is doing these days. Is she retired, and how old is she?

A: Hendrix, 57, is decidedly not retired. Among her many guest-starring roles, she was the evil Kathryn Monroe in several episodes of the most recent, third season of "Gotham." But she is certainly part of the "Law & Order" universe as well, having appeared as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers on the original "Law & Order" and its companions "Special Victims Unit," "Criminal Intent" and "Trial by Jury."

'Garrison's Gorillas' on YouTube

Q: Is the 1960s TV show "Garrison's Gorillas," about an elite group of American commandos during World War II, available on DVD?

A: I do not know of an authorized DVD of the series, which aired for a single season on ABC in 1967-68 and was a knockoff of "The Dirty Dozen." Lt. Greg Garrison (Ron Harper) led what "The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows" called "a motley group of commandos recruited from stateside prisons." If you just want to watch it again, YouTube has episodes.

'Training Day' is over

Q: Do you have any information on the fate of the series "Training Day" since the sad and untimely passing of Bill Paxton?

A: CBS did not include the series in its plans for next season. Even before Paxton's death, the ratings were low, adding it to a list of canceled CBS dramas that also included "Doubt," "Ransom" and "Pure Genius."

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