Q: What happened to the spring offering of "Dancing With the Stars"? It seems that "American Idol" has assumed the time slot where "Dancing" appeared a year ago.

A: "Idol" was an enormous hit for many seasons on Fox beginning in 2002 before declining severely on its way to cancellation in 2016. ABC has gambled in bringing it back, but is backing that gamble with lots of airtime, including airings on Sunday and Monday nights. That trims "Dancing With the Stars" from its old two competitions per season, as its numbers have also declined. ABC has scheduled a "special edition," "Dancing With the Stars: Athletes," starting April 30. The cast will be announced Friday on "Good Morning America."

'New Girl' taking a bow

Q: Is "New Girl" coming back?

A: The Fox comedy will begin a short final season on Friday. The series finale is currently scheduled for May 15.

More chapters of 'Tale'

Q: Is "The Handmaid's Tale" going to continue and, if so, when?

A: A second season of the award-winning drama based on Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel is on the way. Look for it beginning April 25 on Hulu.

We haven't seen last of 'Kingdom'

Q: Will there be a third season of "The Last Kingdom"? We just got done watching Season 2 on Netflix. It is historically accurate for the most part, and very well done.

A: A third season of the historical drama based on "Saxon Tales" novels by Bernard Cornwell is in the works and expected on Netflix later this year, though that could change. "I haven't heard a date yet," the author said in late March on his website, bernardcornwell.net, "but we'll be sure to post it to the home page of this website once we learn it!"

'Wheel' to share fortune

Q: Why did "Wheel of Fortune" discontinue the popular "$5K Every Day" segment and replace it with the "sometimes" $10K — if and only if somebody wins $10K in the "Mystery Round"? Many times a week goes by without even one $10K winner because it's up to the contestant whether to take a chance on the $10K wedge. Is "Wheel of Fortune" that hard up that they can't afford to potentially give away $25K weekly?

A: The series is still a success and far from hard up. "Wheel" wanted to freshen some elements for its 35th season and said the $5K Every Day "has been retired to make way for a bigger sweepstakes prize. In its place, Wheel Watchers Club members will want to pay specific attention to the Mystery Round. During Season 35, if the $10,000 Mystery Wedge is won by a contestant, then the Spin ID of a loyal viewer will be revealed, giving them the chance to also win $10,000." Which, by the way, means a winning wedge could add up to a $20,000 giveaway — half for the contestant and half for a viewer.

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