Q: I would like to know if “The Amazing Race” will ever be on again.

A: Yes. CBS has not yet scheduled the 32nd season of the reality competition, but it is completed. In fact, the series was working on its 33rd as coronavirus became a threat. Production was shut down in February “out of an abundance of caution,” a CBS representative told Variety. Contestants and staff went home; the network said no one was infected at the time and continued monitoring was planned.


Q: Years ago, I saw a movie that I think was made in the ’40s about a wealthy British family traveling with their household staff aboard a ship. The ship is wrecked on an island and the butler takes over running the island and his former employers. What is it?

A: That is “The Admirable Crichton” (also known as “Paradise Lagoon”), based on a play by J.M. Barrie and brought to the screen in 1957 with Kenneth More in the title role. Turner Classic Movies’ website notes that “films about servants who dominate their masters comprise a diverse catalog of titles” that often seem to have borrowed from Barrie’s play. “Early film adaptations included G.B. Samuelson’s ‘The Admirable Crichton’ (1918), Cecil B. DeMille’s ‘Male and Female’ (1919), and Norman Taurog’s ‘We’re Not Dressing’ (1934), which starred Bing Crosby, not as a valet but a deckhand who helps a yachtsman and his party survive being beached on a tropical atoll.” But “The Admirable Crichton” title did get used again, in a 1968 production for TV’s “Hallmark Hall of Fame.”


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