Q: What was the name of a series starring Mark Harmon as a private investigator that aired in the '90s?

A: You're probably thinking of "Charlie Grace," which aired on ABC in 1995. As "The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows" explains, Harmon played a private eye operating from a pool hall and working for an attorney (Cindy Katz) who was also his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, the show was scheduled against "Friends" and "Murder, She Wrote," and it did not last long.

Finding "29th Street"

Q: More than 15 years ago my husband purchased a VHS movie, "29th Street," starring Anthony LaPaglia and Danny Aiello. The tape is missing, and I can't find the DVD for less than $75.

A: Apparently the film was released on DVD about 10 years ago but for some reason is not being distributed in an authorized version. It would appear then that the remaining available copies are somewhat rare, so the people selling them for $75 and up on Amazon.com expect that people who really want the movie will pay that price. If you still have an operating VHS player, search "29th Street VHS" on Amazon and you might find a better price.

No more 'Rules'

Q: Do you know if "Rules of Engagement" will be coming back on TV?

A: These days it seems possible for any show to come back from oblivion. "Rules" is currently available only in repeats such as those airing in syndication and on TBS. The comedy ended its original CBS run in 2013, and cast members have gone on to other projects. Oliver Hudson, for one, is now on "Nashville."

'Galavant'/'Downton' connection

Q: Is the actress who plays the cook's girlfriend in "Galavant" the same one who plays Daisy in "Downton Abbey"? When will "Galavant" return?

A: Yes, that's Sophie McShera on both shows. Another familiar face playing a Galavant pirate: Hugh Bonneville, known to "Downton" fans as Robert, Earl of Grantham. No word yet about a second season of "Galavant."

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