Q: Can you tell me why CBS canceled "Golden Boy," starring Theo James, after only one season? The cast and the premise of "then and now" was wonderful!

A: Not wonderful enough for most viewers. CBS gave the series a good try and cushy time slot, but viewers did not flock to it, so it was canceled in the spring of 2013. The stars have done all right, though. James is getting plenty of big-screen time in the "Divergent" movies, the second of which is due in March, and Chi McBride has settled in at "Hawaii Five-O."

'The Killing' is over

Q: There can't be a set of more intriguing detective partners than Holder and Linden on "The Killing." Any chance this series will be renewed?

A: Not at this point. After three seasons on AMC, it made a six-episode fourth season for the online service Netflix. That was designed to wrap things up.

The people of 'Perry Mason'

Q: Are there any actors still living from the "Perry Mason" series of the 1950s and '60s?

A: At this writing, Barbara Hale, who played Mason's loyal secretary Della Street, is still with us at the age of 92. She is the last surviving major player in the cast of the series starring Raymond Burr, which originally aired from 1957 to 1966. (There were also later TV movies.)

Burr died in 1993. William Hopper, who played Paul Drake, died in 1970. Ray Collins, who played Lt. Tragg, died in 1965. William Talman, as prosecutor Hamilton Burger, died in 1968.

'Tyrant' will return this summer

Q: Will FX have a second season of "Tyrant," or do I have to imagine what happens to Barry and his family? It really was compelling and horrifying all at the same time.

A: The network has ordered a second season of the drama, which should return this summer.

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