In jeopardy

How much do your favorite anchors know about what's happening on the rest of the dial? Find out when personalities like Chris Cuomo are challenged with such weighty questions as, "Who was Lucy Ricardo's neighbor?" in "The CNN News Quiz: TV Edition." The winning team gets $40,000 to give to charity, which is roughly the amount the network spends every year on keeping host Anderson Cooper's hair looking spiffy. 7 p.m. CNN

A house divided

A restored version of "The Civil War," the TV event that made Ken Burns America's most popular history teacher, airs over five nights, reminding us of the punch that simple narration and stark photographs can deliver when presented by a master. The documentary coincides with the 25th anniversary of the original broadcast. 8 p.m. Mon.-Fri., TPT, Ch. 2

Car talk

There's treasure in your garage that goes beyond the bicycles with flat tires and pickled vegetables. That's the theory behind "Rusted Development," which returns for a second season of two car nuts traveling the country to find deals of a lifetime. One of them, Chuck Palumbo, is a WWE superstar, so don't try selling him a lemon. 9 p.m. Discovery

Neal Justin