Blue-plate special

“Chef’s Table” won’t offer you any tips on what to prepare for dinner, but as a documentary series, it remains a four-star meal. In a batch of new episodes, viewers will meet Philadelphia’s Cristina Martinez and Bangkok’s Bo Songvisava, both of whom have goals that go well beyond filling their customers’ bellies. Those tears in your eyes won’t be from the onions.

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The unwelcome wagon

Remember how annoyed Archie Bunker was when George Jefferson moved next door? The producers behind “The Neighborhood” sure hope you do. This time out, it’s a black family, headed by Cedric the Entertainer, that gets ruffled when a lily-white couple (Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs) move in. Cedric lives up to his moniker, but overall, the sitcom pales in comparison with the 1970s classic “All in the Family.”

7 p.m. Mon., WCCO, Ch. 4

How we got here

Those seeking a refresher course in how we landed in the current political predicament are encouraged to enroll in “Trump’s Showdown,” a step-by-step explanation of events that led up to Robert Mueller’s investigation and beyond. As usual, the “Frontline” team, headed by director Michael Kirk, relies heavily on behind-the-scenes players who are less interested in raising their profiles and more focused on laying out the facts.

8 p.m. Tue., TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin