All rise

Even those who can't stand Ruth Bader Ginsburg's politics should be impressed by the 85-year-old's workout routine, as well as the rest of "RBG." Filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen do an excellent job tracking how the social wallflower ended up being one of the loudest voices on the Supreme Court while making time for lighter moments, like introducing the Honorable Justice to Kate McKinnon's impersonation of her on "Saturday Night Live."

8 p.m. CNN

What you knead

Tom Papa, head writer for MPR's "Live From Here," goes beyond powder-milk biscuits in the new series "Baked," a cross-country celebration of breads and pastries. Papa kicks off the food tour in New York City with a little help from Hot Pockets connoisseur Jim Gaffigan.

9 p.m. Food Network

We're not gonna take it

With Khloe Kardashian on board as an executive producer, you might think "Twisted Sisters" is another round of the famous family's feuds. Instead, you get another crime re-enactment series, this one focusing on siblings who have murder on their minds. I'm not sure why Kardashian was drawn to the subject, but ex Lamar Odom has one more reason to watch his back.

9 p.m. Investigation Discovery

Neal Justin