Not-so-smooth criminal

It’s impossible to match the grim drama depicted on “Criminal Minds,” but producers seem to be making their best effort. They fired Thomas Gibson from the series this summer after an alleged assault on a crew member, and it’s still unclear how the long-running series will deal with the departure. (The actor should pop up on early episodes, filmed before he was axed.) Keep in mind that this is the same show that, early in its run, lost star Mandy Patinkin because he was supposedly fed up with the show’s unrelenting violence.

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Col. McDreamy

Rob Lowe appears to have healed from the bruising he took on a recent Comedy Central roast. He will be a regular on “Code Black,” playing a colonel who attempts to bring some military know-how to the emergency room. Lowe last starred in “The Grinder,” a respectable effort that eventually ran out of jokes to wring out of its fake-lawyer premise.

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Oh, brother

CBS All Access, the network’s digital-only arm, should get a lot of attention next year with the launch of its “Good Wife” spinoff and “Star Trek: Discovery.” In the meantime, viewers can boldly go where they’ve been many times before with a fall edition of “Big Brother,” the 19th version of reality TV’s most ridiculous survivor. In addition to a weekly traditional episode, “treats” are sprinkled throughout the week and a 24/7 feed is also available.

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Neal Justin