Rashida Jones hits all the right notes in “Quincy,” a thoroughgoing documentary about her father, music legend Quincy Jones. The “Parks and Recreation” actress, who co-directed with Alan Hicks, showers Pop with praise (she gets some help from Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles), but doesn’t shy away from her subject’s shortcomings, which include excessive drinking and infidelity.

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Who you gonna call?

Connie Britton is out and Jennifer Love Hewitt is in for the second season of “9-1-1,” Ryan Murphy’s impressive take on the procedural drama. The return will stretch over two nights and include an earthquake that rocks Los Angeles.

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Another kind of la-la land

If Sean Penn and Julia Roberts can stoop to doing television, why not one of today’s hottest actresses? Oscar winner Emma Stone teams up with Jonah Hill, no slouch himself with two nominations, for “Maniac,” a miniseries about desperate people who hope a trippy science experiment can fix what ails them.

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