Raise me up

“Monk” creator Andy Breckman hasn’t run out of ideas for quirky whodunits. In his latest series, “The Good Cop,” a by-the-books detective (a non-singing Josh Groban) is saddled with a roguish, ex-con father (Tony Danza, who is surprisingly effective) — which turns out to be as problematic as OCD. If you like lighthearted mysteries, or “Who’s the Boss?” reruns, this one’s for you. (Read an interview with Groban in Sunday’s Variety section.)

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Green acres

The heroine of “Anne of Green Gables: Fire & Dew” deals with first love, death and a grown-up haircut in this charming new adventure based on L.M. Montgomery’s bestselling series. Martin Sheen returns as the patient farmer who can’t help but be tickled pink by Anne’s antics. Oh, and he sings!

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A lost legend

Sports nuts willing to pay a few extra bucks for ESPN’s streaming services will often get screenings of “30 for 30” documentaries well before they land on basic cable. The latest, “Seau,” doesn’t romanticize the rise and fall of NFL great Junior Seau as brain damage slowly destroys his upbeat personality. Kirby Bradley’s film may make you think twice before allowing your child to strap on a helmet.

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Pump it up

Spouses Elvis Costello and Diana Krall weren’t content to simply provide the voices of the lead character’s parents in “Pete the Cat.” They also penned original tunes for this animated series, which encourages youngsters to be curious and independent.

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Neal Justin