Outside the norm

“Norm Macdonald Has a Show” is a mess, thanks to a host that constantly interrupts A-list guests like David Letterman and Jane Fonda, belittles his sidekick and has the attention span of a drunk flea. But the comedian’s shortcomings are actually what make this new program hilarious. Whether he’s doing it on purpose or not, the former “SNL” anchor may be satirizing the whole talk-show format better than anyone else currently manning a desk.

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Keep on truckin’

Minnesota’s own Andrew Zimmern continues to build his empire with “Big Food Truck Tip,” a six-part series in which the host rewards entrepreneurs-on-wheels with $10,000 and his valuable stamp of approval.

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Mother’s little helper

It’s unfair to feel great about “I Feel Bad” right out of the chute, even if Amy Poehler is attached as an executive producer. There’s plenty to like about this single-camera comedy, starting with star Sarayu Blue as a frazzled mother juggling work, kids and nagging parents. If the series feels less than spectacular, give it some time. “Parks and Recreation” didn’t really hit its stride until the second season.

9 p.m. KARE, Ch. 11

Neal Justin