Rebel hearts

It may be hard to fathom why anyone would cross into Syria to join ISIS, but the miniseries “The State” makes a valiant effort to explain with a no-nonsense, fictional account based on extensive research. Writer/director Peter Kosminsky follows male and female British recruits as they struggle on their new paths.

8 p.m. Mon.-Tue., National Geographic

Almost paradise

“The Good Place” wrapped up its first season with a devilish twist that would have made a memorable series finale. Instead, creator Michael Schur and plucky star Kristen Bell are soldiering on. Based on the first four episodes, the sitcom is still a little slice of heaven, thanks in large part to temporarily making Ted Danson the primary focus. Watching him squirm and stammer to keep his position as devil’s advocate, it seems only a matter of time before Satan curses him with a visit from Diane Chambers.

9 p.m. Wed., KARE, Ch. 11

Taking care of business

“Nathan for You” doesn’t officially start its fourth season until next week, but business consultant Nathan Fielder has never been one to follow convention. Thank goodness. “A Celebration,” which checks in with former clients/victims, reminds us how Fielder’s Einstein-in-the-headlights character has made him one of comedy’s sneakiest and winningest comedians.

9 p.m. Thu., Comedy Central

Neal Justin