A mad, mad, mad world

Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and Emily Watson give their lungs a workout in a new version of “King Lear.” It’s unclear why director Richard Eyre decided to set the classic play in modern times, but give him credit for convincing Hopkins to return to his Shakespearean roots. The Oscar winner is a bit over the top, but a meal of fava beans and a nice chianti should help wash it all down.

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New amigos

Those tired of keeping up with the Kardashians may want to divert their attention to some elites across the border. “Made in Mexico,” featuring socialites in Mexico City, isn’t that different from watching American-made reality shows, as long as you don’t mind reading subtitles. The participants include a fashion blogger, a model and an hombre who finds time for a lot of fiestas.

Killing time

“Criminal Minds” kicks off its 14th season with the 300th episode, one in which the team tracks a villain with more than 300 murders under his belt. In honor of the milestone, viewers will be treated to previously unseen footage from the 2005 pilot. Does that mean a quasi-return of Mandy Patinkin?

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Neal Justin