The price of fame

Jay Pharoah’s arsenal of impressions and wide-eyed enthusiasm made him a standout on “Saturday Night Live,” but they’re liabilities in “White Famous.” This new series, about a comic dragged into the mainstream by Jamie Foxx and a chain of white executives, teeters on the edge of racism. Show business has been mocked before with more laughs and insights; Pharoah’s mugging for the camera doesn’t help.

9 p.m. Sun., Showtime

Got milk?

“Loudermilk” gets nearly everything wrong about substance-abuse recovery, but creators Peter Farrelly (“There’s Something About Mary”) and Bobby Mort (“The Colbert Report”) are right on target when it comes to creating addictive comedy. Ron Livingston is terrific as a music-journalist-turned-counselor who makes Larry David look like a teddy bear. It’s one of fall’s best new offerings, even if it won’t get the Hazelden seal of approval.

9:30 p.m. Tue., Audience Network

Dearly beloved

Sanaa Hamri, an executive producer for “Empire,” was tight with Prince, and while she wasn’t able to get him to appear on her show before his death, she did get permission from the estate to incorporate “Let’s Go Crazy” into an episode that centers largely around the artist’s legacy, including a party scene with a cameo by his sister Tyka Nelson and his old bandmates.

7 p.m. Wed., KMSP, Ch. 9

Neal Justin