Girl talk

Up's pickup of "Gilmore Girls" reminds us that network TV is capable of churning out witty, fast-paced dialogue. Why it doesn't do so remains a mystery. Maybe it's just that writers such as Amy Sherman-Palladino who can churn out engaging scripts that aren't laced with profanities are a rare breed. If that's the case, treasure these repeats for as long as you can. 7 p.m. Up

Under the ropes

The popularity of mixed martial arts has spilled into series drama with "Kingdom," which returns for another rock-'em-sock-'em'-kick-'em season. The DirecTV series adds a female fighter (Natalie Martinez). It's only a matter of time before the character takes on Ronda Rousey's left pinkie. 8 p.m. Audience

Under the helmet

"The Brain With David Eagleman" hopes to do for the noggin what "Cosmos" did for space. This six-part documentary series goes under the skull to prove there's more in there than the cast of "Inside Out." 9 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin