Knockin’ on heaven’s door

“Angry Angel,” Freeform’s first original Christmas movie, follows the network’s formula of deflating the sass from gorgeous young women until they learn a lesson. In this pleasant enough comedy, Brenda Song (“Pure Genius”) tries to get into heaven with help from Jason Biggs, who has way too much fun playing himself. The ending leaves the door open for a series, which would be just fine as long as producers keep the winning Song.

8 p.m. Mon., Freeform

Party all the time

Whatever noble intentions “The Real World” initially had are nowhere to be seen in its latest reincarnation, “MTV Floribama Shore,” a blatant attempt to laugh at the misfortunes of beautiful people who act the fool after dangerous amounts of tequila shots. Kortni Gilson is the butt of the most jokes early on, although urinating in a bed doesn’t keep her male roommates from making their moves. Real sad.

9 p.m. Mon., MTV

Stand-up gals

One reason for the success of “Gilmore Girls” was Lauren Graham, who perfectly channeled Rosalind Russell while tackling creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s crackerjack dialogue. She has another great partner in Rachel Brosnahan, the title character in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” a buoyant new series about a 1950s housewife who turns to stand-up comedy after her husband’s infidelity. Alex Bornstein, as an inexperienced manager, is the salt to Brosnahan’s sugar. Their chemistry — and the fast and furious scripts — make this a sweet treat.

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Neal Justin