The naked truth

Sheila Nevins, the longtime gatekeeper for HBO documentaries, gets back in touch with her roots in children’s programming with “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” her brisk and bubbly adaptation of the classic fable with animated musical numbers and some not-so-subtle jabs at the president. Alan Alda and Jeff Daniels are among the famous friends lending their voices.

5 p.m., HBO

Ghoulish gobblers

Spoofing the “Alien” movies may not be the most appetizing way to look ahead to the holidays, but the folks behind “SuperMansion,” the stop-action animated series, have never been ones to stick to the traditional menu. In the show’s newest special, “A Prayer for Mr. T,” washed-up superhero Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) must do battle with both his arch nemesis, Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine), and a very scary looking turkey.

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Patriot acts

“Medal of Honor” pays respects to soldiers who went well beyond the call of duty with a collection of tributes that will leave you with a lump in your throat and a hand over your heart. The re-creations of battle scenes are much higher in production value — and impact — than we usually get in this kind of series.

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Neal Justin